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Welcome to Odyssey 2000's 10-year anniversary website.  Even though I closed Tim Kneeland & Associates, Inc. on Dec. 31, 2003, I still have a wealth of information, original content and pictures from Odyssey's incredible journey around-the-world. It would be a shame to let much of Odyssey's history disappear without giving Odyssey riders and staff an opportunity to capture parts they are interested in or might not have seen before.

I've uncovered many of the original forms, including bios many of you sent in. Visit the Original Rider Profiles page to view your comments and see some of the pictures you sent in. I have posted Itineraries, Rider/Staff Lists, a standard Profit & Loss Statement from Odyssey, Daily Route Guides, DRG Maps, Odyssey Rider Memos, and other forms some might find interesting on the Resource Page. Checkout 102 of Odyssey's Whiteboards posted at the Whiteboard Page.

Checkout these photo albums taken at Odyssey's 10-year anniversary celebration in Steamboat Springs, CO. from Aug 20-22, 2010. If you took pictures, I would like to include other albums as well.
  1. Len & Stella Beil's Extensive Picasso
  2. Tim Kneeland's Pictures
  3. Charmaine Jones's Facebook "Odyssey 2000 Reunion 2010"

Dalia Marshall made a great suggestion. She asked me to post information about Bill Bliss and his recently dedicated Memorial Sculpture called "Bliss in the Moment" in the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve. She even elaborated a little more: "Perhaps there could be a "Where Are They Now" or "Things You Never Knew About Someone After 366 Days of Biking Together" tab - more eloquently phrased, of course :-). Click here for instant access to the "Where Are We Now" page.

I think this is a doable and would be happy in include most anything anyone from the trip would like to submit.

The OWCT (Odyssey World Cycling Tours) Webpage has information on TK&A's 2003 world tour. It includes a picture of the four world riders, an Itinerarya link to Several Photo Albums, TK&A's suggested training program (Calendar and Training Manual), Rider Handbook, OWCT Fact Sheet, and a 3-page OWCT Brochure.


I’ve Been approached by several cyclists for permission to use some of my old DRGs (Daily Route Guides). So, I created this page to offer those and other materials of interest. So far I have only posted my slightly modified West Coast International Bicycle Classic DRGs from 2001. Obviously, some of the info is outdated and needs to be checked. However, I still think they might be helpful in planning a tour. Click here for instant access to the "Other TK&A Resources" page.


Please post any comments you have on Odyssey's Guestbook Page. Thanks for sharing the memories of an incredible year, which I believe would be impossible to recreate in today's world.

Please contact me at timkneeland@mac.com or by phone (1-818-445-4060) with any ideas, suggestions or comments you many have. Thank you for checking the site out.

WHAT I'M DOING NOW - Survival Educators at www.survivaleducators.com
Many of you know I was a USAF Survival Instructor (SERE-Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape) from 1965 to 1969, with 15 months in the Philippines and some time in Vietnam. In 1970, I founded the Institute for Survival Education and tried hard to make a living teaching survival and outdoor activities to many different audiences. The business eventually led to Tim Kneeland & Associates, Inc. (TK&A) and I began specializing in bicycle tours. After closing TK&A, I'm back in the survival business again, teaching for two different organizations.

Corporate Air Parts (CAPs) is located at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Three to fours days a month I teach charter aircraft pilots and crews their annual Crewmember Emergency Training (FAR 135.331)I also teach aviation oriented American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED courses. 

Webwork. I've also created ERI's website and store and recently updated CAP's site and store as well. 

Bike touring. I still enjoy the bike touring business, so I continue to have one ride on the books...The Big Island Ride in Hawaii. The week long tour is usually in February when people need a break from the long, cold winters of the mainland.

I've always enjoyed producing is a ride around the Big Island of Hawaii. Those that celebrated Christmas in Hawaii during Odyssey can attest to the beauty of this very unique island. There are no real camping options for this ride, so hotels, dinners and breakfasts are provided. I'll be posting information at my Four Seasons Cycling Events site later this year.

Tim Kneeland
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