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OWCT 2003

Odyssey World Cycling Tours (OWCT) was TK&A's second around-the-world bicycle tour. The group was small, with three to nine cyclists participating in the various stages. When we left for New Zealand, we had four incredible cyclists joining us for the entire trek, which lasted 11 months. We covered 35 countries and averaged 60 miles a day, which turned out to be a perfect distance. We also averaged two days off a week. Unfortunately, TK&A's financial challenges caught up to us in Dec 2003, so we didn't accomplish the South American stage.

I posted our OWCT promotional video at YouTube in two parts:

Links to OWCT info, handouts and promo pieces:

A special thanks to OWCT's "world" trekkers: Ralph Monfort, Andy Grohol, Dan "Kirby" Kirby, and Stacia Spangler. They credited Odyssey 2000 for helping them have an incredible experience. After the tour, Ralph wrote a book called A Year Without Underwear: Exploring the World on a Bicycle. Check it out at Amazon.com.


            Dennis, Bobbi, Tim, Ralph, Andy, Kirby, Tim, & Stacia.

OWCT 2003 Torelli Official Odyssey Bike