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Where Are We?

As per Dalia's suggestion, I will be posting information from Odyssey riders, staff and families that might be of interest to the "Odyssey 2000 Family".

The first post is dedicated to the late Bill Bliss, an awesome person and major influence to issues important to bicyclists.

Bill Bliss, Rider #218:
Please check out the webpages dedicated to Bill and the "Bliss In The Moment" statue.
This picture and the following is taken from the site:
William Baumgarten Bliss (1935-2005). Bill Bliss dedicated his life to increasing connections and improving the safety of bicycle corridors and trails in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California. He was a champion of safe trails, improved bicycle facilities and stronger legislation in support of safe bicycling. He was tragically killed when hit by a motor vehicle in 2005 while on a bicycle trip across the country.

Bobbi Fisher, Rider #194:
As most know, Bobbi has been in China since the beginning of 2009 and is loving it. Still cycling and running her new charity, Giving Hands. Below are a couple of recent articles about Bobbi:

October 2010 Chengu, China about Bobbi and her adventures - Ultrabiking Chengdu - GoChengdoo: Chengdu news, events, listings, travel, business, living.

Tim Kneeland, Pierre Carriere, & "Wild Bill" Huseman #179, enjoying a beer at the Redondo Beach Pier on March 6, 2011. Awesome cycling and beautiful day. Tough life....